Sunday, August 31, 2008


Heyy This is a shout out to ALL the people who have done anything for me (EVER)!!
I just want to let you all know that it means the WORLD to me!!

Whether you stayed up with me on those late late nights while I was trying to finish my summatives and other assignments (that one truly a big one!! I loved your company!! --you know who you are!).
Whether you just kept me company (regardless of the time).
Whether you just asked me how I was doing or making sure everything was alright.
Also when you just talked to me when I was in the depths of boredom haha!
Or if just simply were just there for me (regardless of the time or mood or situation)! Or if you just made me smile/laugh!!

Point being, it doesn't matter what you did. You did it, and that's what counts! I'm sorry I can't mention it all here, but just know that it all means so much to me!! I don't know what I'd do without you! I hope I can return the favour, because honestly, it's really the little things that count. I really appreciate it and THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN! (and..uh.. um.. keep it up okay? ;) LOL )!

Also, most importantly, Thank you ALLAH(SWT) for blessing me with such great company and such wonderful people, always keep them blessed and happy, Ameen!

(P.S. The Flower is for you all!)

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