Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend - with English Homework

Taken: 11/16/08 *6:16 PM

This picture is a summary of how 27% of my weekend was spent. Though the digit may seem small, let me assure you that that is 13 hours out of the 48 hours in a weekend. Imagine being stuck writing up five "well-constructed" paragraphs analyzing a novel. I don't even want to talk about it anymore! But yes, that there above illustrates the set up of my environment.

The other 43.73% of the weekend was spent sleeping (hey, I didn't get a lot of sleep throughout the week okay? lol). Then about 10% was devoted to studying for a test and the other 19.27% was just spent going shopping, watching tv and surfing online etc.. Just in case someone was wondering :P

Anyways.. the main point of this post is to show-off the picture above so disregard the other rantings if you must :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Fall: 2008


One of the four beautiful seasons we are blessed with on earth, and also one of the best seasons to capture Nature at its best!
When the the Green Summer Tree Leaves leave their green colour and change into a magnificent sight for all. Leaves falling ever so gracefully... and that gentle autumn breeze!! Subhan'Allah!!

By this time, all the leaves have fallen to the ground so here the some of my captured shots from the season (enjoy!) :

Shining on..

Falling all over..


Grade 11. Semester 1. Term 1 Ends.

Thank GOD.

At least one term is finally over. Yes it did pass by fairly quickly, but it wasn't easy to get pass. The pressure and amount of work this year is beyond imaginable, or maybe it's just me.

Please GOD, help us all survive this with marks which will actually help us in the next coming years! Ameen.

So this first term is over, what next? As of Monday, November 17th, 2008 8:50am - Semester 1, Term 2 beings. What joy! More work, more homework, summatives and exams.. woohoo!

But all this school talk is making me depressed, so let's look at some stuff that will actually give us a breather rather than more grief:
  • A Community Concert is coming up soon - volunteering there should be a blast!
  • EID!! EID! EID! EID!
  • The School Art Show - few of my taken photographs to be displayed! Yay :)
  • A huge birthday party of two of my bestEST friends ever! :D
  • (and then.. what we've all been desperately waiting for, or atleast I have) WINTER BREAKS!!!!!! 35 days to go! .. oh gosh, that's a big digit! But, it's still around the corner!
Anyways.. that's that! Until all the fun stuff..gotta continue to work, work and work hard. It should all pay of one day, InshaAllah.