Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Formspring and the like

So being off from facebook for about 5 months made me realize that Facebook has exceeded even its own level of stalkerishness.

Those of you who are not familiar with the site formspring, it is a site branching off from facebook. It allows users to ask questions or say things to people (publicly) with either an identity or as anonymous.

Sounds decent enough, right? WRONG. Imagine the amount of rubbish people can type up for you. And do you seriously want people to ask you all sorts of personal questions? HELLO, Stalker alert! I thankfully am not part of this crazy fad, but seriously, are people that desperate to vent about their lives, or question about such deep things? Some aren’t even interested, they’re asking you nonsense just to make fun of YOU. Trust me.

What happened to one’s own privacy?

It seems as the world of technology grows, the more public our lives become. And sadly, upon our own free will. Sure facebook is great to keep in touch, I’m all for that. But there should be a limit to what people post about themselves on the net, no? Sure it’s great to hear that you get accepted into such and such university, or got a really cool present you wanted, but does everyone really need to know about every bug bite you get, or that you had a fight with your friend?

Okay I admit, sometimes it is just fun to update your status about something random like.. I don’t know, “my carpet smells funny”.. or something. It’s all about seeking-attention. You think people who put 100 pictures of themselves are seeking attention? News flash for you, once you’ve made a facebook account, you’ve entered the world of attention seeking.

Well, that’s Facebook for you. Formspring on the other hand, seriously people. Is it not enough that you have your entire community added as your friends, that now you need random people to say things about you? Get a life, please. Don’t waste your time on what “anonymous” said about you.

All those who wish to save their sanity, please, get out with your own real live friends. Enjoy REAL time!