Tuesday, September 8, 2009

English Class... I'd rather not

I despise English Class.. and my darling here couldn't have said anything better:

{~~rehmoo~~}_Ramadhan Mubarak(S) says (1:01 AM):
i thought its pretty good
{~~rehmoo~~}_Ramadhan Mubarak(S) says (1:02 AM):
having eng first period
*«´¨`•. ¸¸Hufsa Akbar¸.•´¨`»* says (1:02 AM):
*«´¨`•. ¸¸Hufsa Akbar¸.•´¨`»* says (1:02 AM):
i guess :P
*«´¨`•. ¸¸Hufsa Akbar¸.•´¨`»* says (1:02 AM):
i dont know
*«´¨`•. ¸¸Hufsa Akbar¸.•´¨`»* says (1:02 AM):
i hate english.. so .... :P
{~~rehmoo~~}_Ramadhan Mubarak(S) says (1:02 AM):
{~~rehmoo~~}_Ramadhan Mubarak(S) says (1:02 AM):
mee too man
{~~rehmoo~~}_Ramadhan Mubarak(S) says (1:02 AM):
{~~rehmoo~~}_Ramadhan Mubarak(S) says (1:02 AM):
{~~rehmoo~~}_Ramadhan Mubarak(S) says (1:03 AM):
cuddnt math be compulsory all yrs
{~~rehmoo~~}_Ramadhan Mubarak(S) says (1:03 AM):
why eng!
{~~rehmoo~~}_Ramadhan Mubarak(S) says (1:03 AM):
ughh :@
*«´¨`•. ¸¸Hufsa Akbar¸.•´¨`»* says (1:04 AM):

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Mess of Fortunes

With going back to school in approximately 33 hours (calculations may be at fault due to sleepiness) I decided to make my summer some what productive and clean out/organize my valuables.

Today I frantically looked around to find my enormous bag full of greeting cards I have been saving since I was six. I found them, and was I ever happy I had them saved.

I found party invites, get-well soon's, birthday wishes, eid greetings, thank-you's, valentines and even little notes. These are the things which really take you round and about memory lane. The good times and the memories all preserved encriptions on paper. How I adore cards! I'll have you all know that every little note, every little paper, anything that was given to me from someone, stays with me forever (yes of course that makes my mom annoyed that it takes too much room and looks like a mess.. but oh well!). I have all those cards saved from everywhere. To all those who ever gave me one, THANK YOU once again, I have treasured it.

Two days ago I even cleaned up my drawers and a bag which was loaded with papers, items and God knows what else. It was a mess really, but everything in there was worth a fortune for me. There were pens, markers, papers, pictures, small gifts, key chains, ribbons, gift wrappings.. you name it! The thing with me is, I like to presevse memories..I like to keep things as long as I possibly can.

Anyway, I dumped it all on my floor (starting at about 6:30pm). I started sorting through, reading papers, examining and admiring the small items..and by the time I was finished and the drawer was ogranized it was 2:30am. Yeah, I had a lot of stuff. But the good news it's all organized now, did throw away two bags of old paper and things that were broken and no longer of my use. It was nice trip down memory lane. (A separate blog devoted to those fortunes soon to follow).

Now school's going to start, the final senior year. Whoa.

I look forward to collecting all the more memories.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Quotes ..

Sometimes you come across a few sayings which really mean something to you.. here are a few I just adored:

" 'latte' is italian for you paid too much for that coffee"
Me and two of friends went to Starbucks, bought Frappchino's.. total ripoff! Rather can an icecap from Tim Hortons! :P

"Our eyes are placed in front because it is more important to look ahead than to look back"
so true!

"If you don't go after
what you want
you'll never have it.
If you don't ask,
the answer is always no.
If you don't step forward,
you're always in
the same place"
Sometimes we're too afraid to move on or to ask..but if we don't, then we really do end up no where..

"Sometimes you need to
just to see who will come
I have a friend who always runs away.. maybe this is why ;)

"Fall in love or fall in hate.
get inspired or be depressed.
ace a test or flunk a class.
make babies or make art.
speak the truth or lie and cheat.
dance on the table or sit in a corner.
life is divine chaos, embrace it
forgive yourself. Breathe.
and enjoy the ride..."
I don't know why I liked this..but I guess it was because I like idea of enjoying the ride of life.

some people are like
slinkies. They don't
have a purpose. But
they bring a smile
to your face when
you see them
going down the stairs"
Ooooooooh This one I like!! How thrilling that must be/is! :P

"Be strong now
because things will get better
it might be stormy now
but it can't rain forever"
..I wish I came up with that!

give up on someone
you can't
go a day without
thinking about!"
..how sweet is that?

"Someday someone will walk
into your life and make you
realize why it never worked
out with anyone else"

...and that's all the stack I have for now!