Saturday, April 25, 2009

Forever And Always


There's no such thing.

"I'll be with you forever."
"I'll always be there for you."

What a joke! Everyone uses those lines, including myself. Unaware and completely oblivious, we commit ourselves to things that are just not possible. Not our fault I guess, as mere mortals, we want things to last and always stay as is. No Change, no pain, no sorrow.

Until Reality hits.

Old bonds begins to break, new ones make their way. Times, places and people change. A natural part of life? I guess so. Truth is, no matter what the promises or vows, there words, forever and always, have no meaning. They're just sweet fillers to make you feel good for the moment, until everyone becomes engulfed by their own lives.

So even though saying you'll always be there forever doesn't mean anything and rationally speaking.. that's not how it works in this world. Nothing on earth is eternal. Everything and everyone eventually ends.

But I do know one thing for sure.
No matter where we are, whenever,
as long Allah keeps me living and breathing,
despite the distance,
despite the lack of communication,
despite anything,
you'll always be in my heart,
...forever and always.

... But I guess, no matter where life takes us, all of us, the time we've spent together and shared are going to be remembered and cherished forever and always too. Because friendships are really that strong! And just because life happens to be a certain, doesn't mean it's bad... it's all good. Everything happens for a good reason. We always begin friendships hoping they last forever.. so we're going to keep it that way. Doesn't matter where or when, friends and friendship sees no boundary!!

I guess I just contradicted myself.. or am I just running from the truth?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tolerance: One of the Greatest Qualities of our Messenger (PBUH)

I never thought I could be so easily influenced by anything.

Parents. Peers. Tv. Nothing so quickly.

But yesterday, I attended a program called "Path II Piety", in our local masjid. An evening with speakers about the Islamic virtues and whatnot. There were two sessions last night and even though I enjoyed one of them more, the other one showed its effect in just a few hours.

Shaykh Sulaiman Moola, gave a lecture on "Hilm: Tolerance of the Messenger in Times of Hardship and Ease". We were given examples of how despite the worst senerio's the Prophet (PBUH) was faced with, he kept calm and a smiling face. MashAllah. So I just listened to the lecture thinking, oh yeah, wow, that's amazing.. how could anyone be so tolerant, but wow! That was it, no big deep thought to it. Then I went home.

Now when a bad situation arises, all that kept coming to my mind was Shaykh S. Moola's words written in the Hadiths (Stories about the Prophet (PBUH)). The Prophet (PBUH) was even calm with the worst of his ememies. People yelled at him, disgraced him and he never shouted back. Ever. Talk about looking for a Role Model! That's what kept me calm too, I can proudly say, despite all my sister threw at me (literally at one point!) I didn't raise my voice and I tired my best to help the situation.

"You have kill them with niceness", as a friend of mine always says.

Now you wonder about the Messenger's tolerance: Well He was the Prophet (PBUH) of course everything works out for him because he's him! But would being tolerant help us folks? The answer, through experience, is yes. Yes it does help. Usually when my sis and I ends chaoticly and both of us just yell and tell the other to shut up and we don't talk until the next day. But last night our conversation ended with a very sweet Thank You and I promise I'll try make things better (said by myself). Both of us I think were able to sleep peacefully. Thank God.

Tolerance really is a great skill to have. Just try it, and it feels so good, not to mention helps your hardship.

All I could think of was wow, how lucky was I to hear that lecture!

Oh and for more information on Path II Piety.. visit this link .