Saturday, April 25, 2009

Forever And Always


There's no such thing.

"I'll be with you forever."
"I'll always be there for you."

What a joke! Everyone uses those lines, including myself. Unaware and completely oblivious, we commit ourselves to things that are just not possible. Not our fault I guess, as mere mortals, we want things to last and always stay as is. No Change, no pain, no sorrow.

Until Reality hits.

Old bonds begins to break, new ones make their way. Times, places and people change. A natural part of life? I guess so. Truth is, no matter what the promises or vows, there words, forever and always, have no meaning. They're just sweet fillers to make you feel good for the moment, until everyone becomes engulfed by their own lives.

So even though saying you'll always be there forever doesn't mean anything and rationally speaking.. that's not how it works in this world. Nothing on earth is eternal. Everything and everyone eventually ends.

But I do know one thing for sure.
No matter where we are, whenever,
as long Allah keeps me living and breathing,
despite the distance,
despite the lack of communication,
despite anything,
you'll always be in my heart,
...forever and always.

... But I guess, no matter where life takes us, all of us, the time we've spent together and shared are going to be remembered and cherished forever and always too. Because friendships are really that strong! And just because life happens to be a certain, doesn't mean it's bad... it's all good. Everything happens for a good reason. We always begin friendships hoping they last forever.. so we're going to keep it that way. Doesn't matter where or when, friends and friendship sees no boundary!!

I guess I just contradicted myself.. or am I just running from the truth?


Hibbed said...

Wow.. I can definitely relate to this.. and things change, but like u said we will always have the times we spent together, and u will with all the other people in ur life too. Just know that even after i am gone, you get new people. It may seem ugly, but think about HOW RANDOMLY WE MET!! Hahah! so yeah.. things change.. just enjoy what we got. 5 more months with u :D <3.. and yes. I WILL MISS U. dont ever change. and ake care of ur self for me..

(btw THIS PEICE IS AMAZINGLY WRITTEN! like really u surprised me.. please post it on "the blog" , and btw my first "rap" i ever wrote which won me the Marc Garneau poetry slam was called "The would through my eyes"

Hufsa said...

ahahah wow... that's cool!
I wanna read that piece!

And secondly.. who said I was writing abt you??? puhhbleeeassee I ain't gunna miss youuu!! ahahaha
No no, I'm joking, it totally goes for you too :)
I guess even though times change, memories remain :)

lilhijabi said...

awww huffyy...i dunno wut to say..
i am just as sad as u r.
dnt worry the hijabi crew will be forever and always!<3

Hufsa said...

and I will take care, you do the same!! it's funny where life takes us. And how we hope for things but .. haha life plays a game of its own!
Ohh welll.. all good right, 'cause it all happens for a good reason :)

Hufsa said...

of course man! HIJABI CREW forever and always for suree!!

Who cares abt where man!! We have the internet and all that.. plus transportation is quite good too :P
hehehe but at teh same time, lets make the best of the time we've got too!!!!

Rehmaa said...

ya hufsa as sad as it is your rite. we say tht to console ourselves. Even though things wont be the same as now,but inshallah our friendship is gonna last. i have pure faith in it. :)

Hufsa said...

I do too darling, I do too. :)

DysfunctionaL said...

some people are really there.. always and forever..

and everyone has atleast one person like that in their life!

Hufsa said...

I'm going to have to agree with you on that, definitely. :)