Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Holidays!

With one entire week of the holidays already gone and only one more remaining, hope everyone is happy and enjoying!

My holidays so far are going pretty great and quite busy but loads of fun! I was in Indiana, USA last week and this week in Pennslyvania. It's totally awesome here! And there isn't even a drop of snow! (Huge contrast from back in TO!) Anyways.. the landscapes here are BEAUTIFUL!!

Apart from all the enjoying... one thing constantly haunting me is my homework. I have no idea when I'm going to do it.. though I have May GOD help me with that!

Next exciting thing is that I finally got a laptop!! Thank GOD! And MashAllah, it is wonderfully magnificent!

Well that's all the update for now. My God.. time is just going by so fast!! It feels like just yesterday I was rejoicing that the holidays have begun and now I'm starting to think about it ending, school starting and exams approaching... oh God, scary thought!

Well...we've still got six more days of freedom (unless you're stuck doing homework due on the seventh day). Anyways, time to enjoy to the fullest and relax! Soo once again, Happy Holidays everyone!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Thought on The Eleventh Day of the Twelveth Month of the Eight Year

There comes a time when you just don't feel like doing anything what-so-ever.

You can't sleep, though you want to.
You can't concentrate, even though you have to.
You can't think, 'cause there is just too much to think about.
You can't eat, 'cause you've lost your appetite.
Even chocolate doesn't seem to work anymore!

So what do you do?

"Talking it out" isn't always the best way to go, nor is keeping it buried inside.

So what CAN you do?
Forget about it? Nope.
Yell about it? No.
I really don't know!

For me, the best way to get peace is to P-R-A-Y. Yes, Pray. A simple prayer and a long duaa is just what helps. That way, psychologically, you know there is a much greater force out there that you can trust no matter what.

Sadly, all humans are mere mortals. Each of us lust for something. Each of us have a good and bad side. Naturally, we are humans and thus made such a way that we can not be perfect no matter how hard we try. Hence, it should not come as a shock when one mortal fails to meet the expected deed.

No worries!!
Put all thy TRUST in the One and Only - GOD.
No matter what, this is one power which will never betray us and only guide us and lead us to a better life.. if only we reach out for GOD. It's only a matter of a small prayer from the heart. One you truly mean. One you truly wish for. One you truly need.

So if you're reading this, and you know that there was a time when you felt like the above, go and pray right now!! Even if that has never happened, a prayer will only benefit you :)

And if you still feel like doing nothing what-so-ever, it's okay, you are not alone..

Your Personal Values

Personality quizzes are fun, whether long or short. Here's one I received just a few moments ago - short and sweet :)

Here's what to do:

List the following animals from your best preference to least- Pig, Horse, Cow, Sheep and Tiger

Got it??

Wrote it down?

Now here is what they mean:

Pig = Money
Horse = Family
Cow = Career
Sheep = Love
Tiger = Pride

How'd you do? :)

Here is my result : Tiger, Horse, Cow, Sheep, Pig
thus, Pride, Family, Career, Love and Money.

Enjoy :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bed Time Story - By Hibbed

One of the most creative and intriguing -on-the-spot-made- Bed Time Story.. for me! :D ahahaha
... Worth Reading, if you really want to ROFLOL :D

---------------------Written by HIBBED---------------------

once upon a time in a land far far away

lived a handsome .. strong.. and poetic young man.. Sir Hibbedsalot

he was known around the kingdon for the smoothness of his palms.. and the redish hair on his fingers... (mehndi color:P)

well one day..

sir Hibbedsalot was making his daily route alongside the bridge of Thornsville ! when an ogre appeared from under it!

the ogres name was Hufosy akbore! and had the ugliest face in all of Thornsville ! Legend has it that Hufosy Akbore had been banished by her friends.. to the refuge of the bridge over a dispute of some challengre or a quiz of sorts by the town wise men (science teacher)

Hufosy had also been the victim to many peepers from town.. since he had not Hid his webshaped .. lens.. or camera of sort

anyways.. sir Hibbedsalot.. knew that the ogre had to be slaid:-O

(cue dramatic music )

And then sir Hibbedsalot looked at the ogre.. and the ogre snarled at the hibbedsalot.. every body knew that a duel was about to begin

Hibbedsalot.. went with the first attack.. extracting his hand hair.. to spin a web aroung the ogre.. but his attack was intercepted.. by um.. hair..


a moustache of sort..

Hibbedsalot. looked around and knew.. he was staring at the worst moustache based villain. in the history of villains..

Amalethine - The wearer of pink :-O

(dun dun dun...)

they all lived happily ever after :)

The End:P


The Ogre.. looked at both.. and knew this was nothing that Hibbedsalot could do alone..

Hibbedsalot shouted to the people of the town.. to his aid

but no one came.. no one wanted to be associated with the smelly ogre:-O

This is when.. Hibbedsalot got a plan.

he called apon the awesome powers of the awesome D-U andR trio ( figure that one out ur self) , to his aid.. but the trio did not reply.. since they were the orignal banishers of the ogre:-O the Hibbed had a burden as an ally.. and amalethin- the wearer of pink.. was already opening the knots of her moustache for the second attack

yeah.. so amalething unwinder her moustache.. and and she huffed and puffed... but this time Hibbedsalot was ready

he stood upon a stool (just like in flash back meetings) and aproached the trio again! Except this time.. he mentioned that... the trio should forgive the ogre.. i mean the ogre has had a sad life.. the ogre was just trying to find a place to belong by fulfilling the quiz. He wanted to join the group of the Nutoriously, Evil Red Dragons.. or N-E-R-D for short :)

the tri heard Hibbedsalot plea and didnt listen.. and Amelethine.. gave hibbed a snot-tache whip! covering him with yellow snot!

Hibbedsalot was down. and it was the ogre's turn to move:-O

The ogre... called upon the N E R D squad.. and he was now surrounded by all his friends.. meaning Nottorious Bisma, rascal Rehma (from the trio.. apparently she is the "r" in nerd) Evil Ogru (Hofosy Akbore) and Dangerous Danyal ! (who is the evil clone of the danyal in the TRIO :P)

the NERD squad was now united

they all unleashed their powers on the evil Amalethine

Bisma used the protacted of death! Danyal beat boxed and lulled the evil creature to sleep!

and ofc.. REhma talked and talked and bored the evil monster to death:P

but the Ogre was ready to do her signature move.... (dun dun dun)
so the ogre.. went straight to the monster
liftred his hand.. and did the ultimate move..
The Smush of Mehndi! (k yeah i know cheesy:!) .. and covered the ogre in hair!:P

sir Hibbedsalot came out of his snotsy layer.. and plead to the townspeople to take the ogre back.. and so they did. and they all lived happily ever after .. until the sequel when the DUR TRIO fight the NERD squad:P

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