Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Thought on The Eleventh Day of the Twelveth Month of the Eight Year

There comes a time when you just don't feel like doing anything what-so-ever.

You can't sleep, though you want to.
You can't concentrate, even though you have to.
You can't think, 'cause there is just too much to think about.
You can't eat, 'cause you've lost your appetite.
Even chocolate doesn't seem to work anymore!

So what do you do?

"Talking it out" isn't always the best way to go, nor is keeping it buried inside.

So what CAN you do?
Forget about it? Nope.
Yell about it? No.
I really don't know!

For me, the best way to get peace is to P-R-A-Y. Yes, Pray. A simple prayer and a long duaa is just what helps. That way, psychologically, you know there is a much greater force out there that you can trust no matter what.

Sadly, all humans are mere mortals. Each of us lust for something. Each of us have a good and bad side. Naturally, we are humans and thus made such a way that we can not be perfect no matter how hard we try. Hence, it should not come as a shock when one mortal fails to meet the expected deed.

No worries!!
Put all thy TRUST in the One and Only - GOD.
No matter what, this is one power which will never betray us and only guide us and lead us to a better life.. if only we reach out for GOD. It's only a matter of a small prayer from the heart. One you truly mean. One you truly wish for. One you truly need.

So if you're reading this, and you know that there was a time when you felt like the above, go and pray right now!! Even if that has never happened, a prayer will only benefit you :)

And if you still feel like doing nothing what-so-ever, it's okay, you are not alone..


Sammi said...

it may seem like everything's going the wrong way but Allah has good plans out there for each and everyone of us

Hufsa said...

Couldn't agree more! :D