Monday, July 14, 2008

Rest In Peace Irfan Jogiat

Irfan Jogiat, older brother of one my best and closest friend in the entire world, passed away on Saturday, July 12th, 2008.

Yes, so he was the brother of my friend, but that friend is ever so dear that her brother's death brought a flood of tears and great sorrow to not only me but the rest of my friends as well. It was/is as if he were our own. Sure we only exchanged hello's once in a while, but the pain and sorrow was just as huge upon hearing the news. I was devastated, with tears flowing down my cheeks and the worried feeling about what the family must be going through. Of course, I rushed over straight away to at least be by my friend's side. Her and her family are hanging in there.
What can we possibly say to make them feel better? There isn't a single word or phrase in the world which can compare to their loss--sorry, not their loss, OUR loss.

Everyone and anyone who reads this, Please pray to GOD that Allah grants peace to Ifran Jogiat in heaven and provides support and courage to his family and the rest of us.

It is truely a huge and painful moment in all our lives. The lives which may never be the same again. I just pray to Allah that all will be well for his family and friends. Prayers and praying is all we can do. Of course, the pain is uncurable and depending on the different situations, it may even increase but we must pray as tears will do no good to him or anyone else. Yes I know, it's easier said than done, I am speaking from experience.

We should know though, that Irfan Jogiat is in a much better place than the rest of us, and may Allah give him more peace and happiness in heaven. Ameen.

Here is the article published on him, and another one here also similar.

May Allah Be with us All. Ameen.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Being Smart

"Being smart doesn't mean you know all the answers, it means you know where to find them."
- Mr. Barrens (STEM faculty, SMP at U of T)

A very good way of looking at it!

... don't you think so? ;)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Whole Year

Today, Thursday July 3rd 2008, marks a whole year since my last visit to Pakistan.

It does not feel like a whole year has past. Hard to think, that a year ago, at this time... I was in Karachi. This year went by fast! What good times I had in Pakistan and collected some great memories. But looking at time... it's now been an entire year. What a year! Wow.. that's all I can say really... one whole year! It does not feel like that at all. It's really hard to imagine! Time is just flying past us before our very eyes. Ticking away... constantly.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

First Day At University of Toronto's Summer Mentorship Program

One word. AMAZING!!!

So today was the first day at UofT's SMP. Taking the subway and the bus all by myself definately is a new experience and I am loving it!! It feels so cool, haha! Very fun as well! Hopefully I will not get lost .. I shouldn't.. I mean, it's a simple route :) *fingers crossed* And walking back and forth to the Station is a delight on its own! The whole area is just so neat! Kind of like something you would see in a typical hollywood film lol. Honestly, it is just the most coolest feeling ever! Yes, despite me being by myself!... but you know, gives me good "me-time" and there are tons of buildings and sightings to see! :)

The course itself we haven't gotten into yet as it was only the first day, but from the calender/schedule we got.. it will be one heck of a month!! I'm very excited!!

The entire campus itself is just amazing!! Absolutely gorgeous and stunning!! Of course.. my fear is that if I do not follow the staright route I know for sure that I will be lost! But one day, when I'm feeling adventurous..I plan on touring.. haha (yeah, you guessed it, that will not happen!)! But honestly.. the whole campus of the University and all the different buildings - both inside and out- are just simply beautiful! And of course, it's downtown so even more amazing. How I missed my camera! But, I've got the entire month.. so we're looking at a minimum of 500 pictures by the end of July :)

The faculty I'm in, unfortunately is full of guys [typically] but there are 3 other girls (about 18 kids in total for that faculty-not sure about the entire program though). The teacher and co-ordinator are both very nice and friendly and so it should be a fun month! Lunch was a sad time though. One whole hour, I was alone -- didn't go out 'cause I knew that I would never be able to get back! And my friend didn't show up (the only other person I knew!!). But I did end up talking to one other girl at lunch for about half an hour or so 'cause she was also waiting for a friend of hers who was a no show. So for tomorrow... I guess I'll take a book or something! Luckily though, in the class the students are nice, and I've gotten to know one girl pretty well. So, so far so good!!

I can not wait for the rest of the month!! Should be a fantabulous experience!! After all.. I am now, partially a "university student" ... well yeah, just for the month of July 08! What? It's true!! We have all the rights and advantages of a regular university student for the entire summer! Cool eh? That was the first day..already a blast! Can not wait for the rest of it!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Back Again & Happy Canada Day!

So I haven't written in a while. A lot has happened since my last post.
Supernatural Finale ... which was AMAZING!
Summatives and Exams OVER!
Summer has begun.

This whole school year of school flew by. Many new people were met and old relationships became stronger. (More on this later). Time is an amazing thing... it really is. What it can do to us and the world around is just astonishing (more on this later too!).

Anyways.. Summer is now here! And today is CANADA DAY!
So Happy Canada Day to All!
Canada, a country with great people, great places, great benefits but most of a all a country which I can call home. And going back and learning about the history of this wonderful place makes you proud to be Canadian!
When I think Canada, I think Maple Leaf, yes, our red & white maple leaf Flag (thanks to PM Pearson... greatest Canadian, in my opinion!).
So happy birthday Canada!! A country, a nation loved by all! :)