Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Back Again & Happy Canada Day!

So I haven't written in a while. A lot has happened since my last post.
Supernatural Finale ... which was AMAZING!
Summatives and Exams OVER!
Summer has begun.

This whole school year of school flew by. Many new people were met and old relationships became stronger. (More on this later). Time is an amazing thing... it really is. What it can do to us and the world around is just astonishing (more on this later too!).

Anyways.. Summer is now here! And today is CANADA DAY!
So Happy Canada Day to All!
Canada, a country with great people, great places, great benefits but most of a all a country which I can call home. And going back and learning about the history of this wonderful place makes you proud to be Canadian!
When I think Canada, I think Maple Leaf, yes, our red & white maple leaf Flag (thanks to PM Pearson... greatest Canadian, in my opinion!).
So happy birthday Canada!! A country, a nation loved by all! :)



the greatest canadian ever is TERRY FOX ! not the other dude.. =P btw, happy belated canada day! =D

Hufsa said...

Terry Fox is cool too.
But Pearson did more for Canada! You gotta admit!! =)
Happy Belated Canada day to you tooo :D