Thursday, May 15, 2008

Supernatural Finale Tonight

Tonight, at 9pm is the Third Season Finale of Supernatural.
I can not wait! So many mysteries to be unsolved:

- Will Dean die and to hell? [Please NO!]
- Will his dad, John, or mother, Mary, save him some how?
- Will Ruby do some thing?
- Will they, Sam and Dean, kill Lilith?
- Will the previous questions from the series, any of them, be answered?
- Will Sam die? [No!!!]

So much wonderings!! Can not wait!!! Just be a superb night!
4 hours and 20 mins left ...


Majaz said...

They won't die. :D

Hufsa said...

He DID die :(

But the creator of the show said, after the finale that Dean will be shown just as much in the up coming season as he was in the we'll just have to see how that works out! :P