Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back to School - Jan.7

So folks...once again the holiday season is behind us and tomorrow we proceed on to our regular lives. No more staying up late, no more watching all the TV you want or going online whenever you want. No more time to relax or have fun. Just back to work and doing an endless amount of homework! And there are Exams...which are just around the corner.
I wish everyone good luck and best wishes for their lives ahead! Hope everyone had a terrific holiday and got plenty of rest!
School continues we go!

Friday, January 4, 2008

More in Washington

Site-seeing in Washington D.C
An Art Museum

Another Art Museum

White House

Here are few more interesting things in the Museum:
The Apollo
The Wright Brother's First Plane
Abraham Lincon's Hat
Edison's First Light Bulb

Einstein's Pipe

A Piece of the Moon

In my visit to the U.S.A this holiday break I got a chance to go to the Space Museum in Washington D.C...and guess what happened? Well there were lots of amazing things there but what was the most fascinating was a PIECE OF THE MOON!!

I got to TOUCH IT!! It felt like a piece of metal really. But it was really cool! wowow.

(The Museum)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Supernatural - Season 1 to 3

I am going to summerize what has happened so far so those who read my reviews/summaries of recent episodes don't as lost as they are now [after reading Sin City]. Here goes!

Supernatural is show about two brothers, Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles). It is based on Myths, urban legends and other SCI-FI related topics. It has a good mixture of emotions, comedy, action, suspence, drama and much more! The boys go across the Country (U.S.A.) in Dean's most loved '67 Chevy Impala to hunt evil.


The boys got involved in this before/during the time their mother got brunt and killed by a Yellow Eyed Demon. That time Sam was only 6months. Since then their father, John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) has been trying to locate that YED and also killing other evil things along the way. As the boys grew up Dean, being the elder son basically followed in this father's steps and continued their hunting. Sam on the other side left this life and went off to college to study Law.
(This is how they're mother was killed by the Demon)

Season 1

In this season Dean comes to Sam's college dorm to inform Sam that their father is missing and hasn't returned from his last hunt. Af first Sam refuses to go with Dean but later his Girlfriend is killed the same way his mother was and full of anger and broken down he comes along with Dean. Within this season the boys look for clues to finding their father using his Diary which has information on everything he ever hunted and places he went to and so on. They also kill many evil things along the way. Towards the end of this season the boys meet their father and also find a COLT, made by a famous hunter many years ago. This colt can kill ANY evil thing. (As different evils are killed different ways) But this colt, and its bullets kills one and all. In the end of this season the boys caught the Yellow Eyed Demon by after a fight he escapes (as he had hurt the Winchesters quite badly). Then, all Winchesters bloody, but Sammy hurt abit less than the other two drives them to a hospital but along the way they meet a horrible accident by a truck and their Impala is crushed and the Winchesters left in.

Season 2

In this season the Winchesters are taken to the hospital. And before this we find out that there is only one more bullet left in the Colt. In the hospital Dean is hurt most severely. He is hurt so bad that John sells his soul and trades the Colt with the Yellow Eyed Demon so that Dean could come back in full health. The boys have now lost their father and they sure that the YED is behind this. Soon they are both back on the Road, after Dean repaired his beloved Impala. Dean feels guilty that his father gave his life for him and now has a huge burden his father told him before he died. He said to protect Sam or he'd have to kill him. Sam thinks this means that Sam will become evil and tries his best to stay his sweet and caring self but fears what the YED has in store for him. In the end of the season the YED kidnaps Sam who had gotten pyschic abilities from when YED put demon blood in sam's mouth the day he killed his mother, and also kidnaps other kids like Sam (whom he did the same with when they were young). The others are kept hostage for months which led almost all of them to kill the other but only two survive: Sam and another man. The other man tries to kill Sam and suceeds...making that Man the successor of the YED's plans, which is to lead an army of Demons to take over the world. Dean is devasted at the death of his brother that he goes to the Crossroads and makes a deal with the Crossroads Demon. The Deal was made. Dean now had a year to live and Sam was alive again. Now Sam becomes alive in the end the Man who had killed Sam was carrying on the YED's plans by opening this Door to Hell which was located on Earth. Luckily the Brothers make it in time to kill that man but the Door to Hell still opens and relases hundreds of demons. Luckily they manage to shut the door before anything else escapes. Dean in the end though manages to kill the YED with the remaining one Bullet in the Colt.
In this season the boys also come across a Hunter's Roadhouse but that roadhouse and its members are killed by demons at the end of the season. Only two survivals, Ellen (John's old Friend) who wasn't in the Roadhouse and JO (her daughter who has ran away from home). They also meet another long friend of John's, Bobby, another excellent hunter who helps the boys. Both Ellen and Bobby were present when the door to hell opened. This season ends with giving the message that there is a War coming and they better be ready.

Season 3

So far in this season we are in the 8th episode. We are introduced to two new characters, Ruby, who is Demon which is trying to help Sam and is apparently "good", and also Bella, who sort of a hunter except she makes money off of supernatural artifacts. Basically what happened in this season so far is that the boys keep coming across major evil things which escaped the night the Devil's Gate (Door to hell) was opened. They're surprised that if they let the "Seven deadly sins out, what else escaped?". With Sam trying to get Dean out of the Deal he made for Sam and Dean with only a year to live and with Ruby the "good-demon(?)" trying to help Sam and Bella who keeps crossing they're paths and of course with what else escaped from the Devils gate, who knows what will happen next!

Supernatural - Sin City

Supernatural - Sin City - Episode 4 - Season 3

In this episode Sam and Dean come across a city where people have mysteriously changed personalities and committed sins and then committed suicide. The brothers go into investigation and come across a local bartender and a "Father" who are both possessed by demons. Dean later becomes trapped with the bartender and Sam comes to the rescue. Bobby and Ruby soon join him with the colt all fixed and ready for action. In the end Sam shoots both the Father of the Church and the Bartender who were possessed. Though this was a good thing, Dean thought that the look on Sammy's face when he did that was -different-. Dean learns from the bartender demon-girl that there really is a war and that some demons were really ready to follow Sam and the YED's plan. Those were the main details in this episode. We ended by Sam and Ruby talking, where Ruby once again says she can help Sam help Dean with his deal.

A Walk to Remember

It's 2 in the morning and I just finished watching "A walk to Remember". Honestly the beginning was quite boring! I was going to stop watching it and go to bed. But then I did end up watching the entire movie. In word I would describe it as -sweet-. It was a very touching and sweet movie.
First we meet this boy who is all cool and doesn't really think about his future. Then he meets this girl, Jamie...and eventually falls in love with her. And so does Jamie. After many nights together Jamie tells the boy, Landon, that she has cancer. And that she had it since two years and the treatment has stopped to work. So now Landon is heart-broken. So he starts doing what Jamie always wanted. First of all, he plans a future for himself (going to medical school). Then he builds Jamie a telescope to see this one comet she always wanted to see. Later they both get married (in the same church Jamie wanted to) and live a very happy summer together. Then Jamie dies. Four years after that Landon is at medical school and the movie ends with Landice saying, "Jamie's Love is like the wind, I can't see it, but I can feel it". (Jamie's Father also said that Landon was Jamie's Miricle, which is something Jamie wanted [a miricle])
It really was sweet! Both Jamie and Landon were only 18 so it was quite sad and emotional. Overall a pretty good movie.
But for me, it's a one-time-watch. I think I would give it a Seven.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New York Minute

Okey Dokey, here goes my first Movie Review on here.'s not a FULL/Official review, just a few things I wanted to say about it.

Last Night at around 2am I watched New York Minute. Starring Mary Kate and Ashly Olsen. It was overall a pretty good movie. Of course the highlight of the movie for me was the fact that Jared Padalecki also stared in the movie, playing "Trey Lipton" opposite "Roxy Ryan" (MK). Jared's presence in the flim is what actually got me to watch it in the first place. Anyways...the movie had quite a few good things, the jokes and comedy was funny, the acting was also very nicely done. Though some scenes were abit "weird". For example, Ashley's character of Jane Ryan was of a very smart girl who wanted a really high acedemic life by going to Oxford University. (Now the movie is basically shows her getting to someplace to present her speech to get into Oxford, however after years this is also the day that both her and her twin spend the day together. They get mangled in many wrong turns but have happy ending.For more details: watch the movie!) Anyways, in one of Jane's wrong turns she ends up running around the streets of New York in nothing but a towel. That was abit...odd. But I guess we can defend that by saying, "It's a MOVIE!". One part I really liked, well rather, one part that really cracked me up was at the end. When Jared/Trey was sitting in the audience listening to Roxy (yes, Roxy, why? again, watch the movie!) present her sister's speech. No matter what Roxy kept saying he just kept on smiling and looking really happy!! He was sooo hilarious! GO JARED! So yes, it was overall a very good movie. From a scale of 1-10--> I would give it an 8.5 :)

Jared Padalecki.

Trees through the season...




Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 New Year Snow

What happened the moment it struck 12:00 AM on the Clocks of Toronto?
---> Snowfall. The first snow fall of the year 2008, and my, was it gorgeous! So when torontonians awoke on New Year's day they wittnessed a magnifent view: Fresh, beautiful, white, glittering snow--everywhere. Absolutely beautiful! Have a look :

Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year to one and all!
The start of a new year can mean different things to different people. For example, some may see the start of the new year as a start for new opportunities and plans and just to be and do things they didn't in the previous year.

Some may be thankful that they managed to survive another year.
Some people may see it as one more year less to live. In that case they may not like the to celebrate, because it is as if you're celebrating a year closer to death.
No matter what one may think, the new year is here and I hope that it brings joy and gives us all a new, nice prosperous life ahead.

Let's let go of our bads and grudges and start a new fresh slate with this new year. Let's make peace with those we may not like, after all...who knows what this year will bring and who knows how long we have to live. Let's be greatful with the life we have and make the best of it!

Happy, Happy, Happy New Year :)