Thursday, January 3, 2008

Supernatural - Sin City

Supernatural - Sin City - Episode 4 - Season 3

In this episode Sam and Dean come across a city where people have mysteriously changed personalities and committed sins and then committed suicide. The brothers go into investigation and come across a local bartender and a "Father" who are both possessed by demons. Dean later becomes trapped with the bartender and Sam comes to the rescue. Bobby and Ruby soon join him with the colt all fixed and ready for action. In the end Sam shoots both the Father of the Church and the Bartender who were possessed. Though this was a good thing, Dean thought that the look on Sammy's face when he did that was -different-. Dean learns from the bartender demon-girl that there really is a war and that some demons were really ready to follow Sam and the YED's plan. Those were the main details in this episode. We ended by Sam and Ruby talking, where Ruby once again says she can help Sam help Dean with his deal.

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Do you watch this stuff late at night? How are you able to escape nightmares!!