Sunday, August 31, 2008


Heyy This is a shout out to ALL the people who have done anything for me (EVER)!!
I just want to let you all know that it means the WORLD to me!!

Whether you stayed up with me on those late late nights while I was trying to finish my summatives and other assignments (that one truly a big one!! I loved your company!! --you know who you are!).
Whether you just kept me company (regardless of the time).
Whether you just asked me how I was doing or making sure everything was alright.
Also when you just talked to me when I was in the depths of boredom haha!
Or if just simply were just there for me (regardless of the time or mood or situation)! Or if you just made me smile/laugh!!

Point being, it doesn't matter what you did. You did it, and that's what counts! I'm sorry I can't mention it all here, but just know that it all means so much to me!! I don't know what I'd do without you! I hope I can return the favour, because honestly, it's really the little things that count. I really appreciate it and THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN! (and..uh.. um.. keep it up okay? ;) LOL )!

Also, most importantly, Thank you ALLAH(SWT) for blessing me with such great company and such wonderful people, always keep them blessed and happy, Ameen!

(P.S. The Flower is for you all!)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Do I talk too much?

Just a random post here people.

I was just skimming my blog and man, do I write a lot. lol...I mean with some people it's a great thing! Their each and every word has a deep meaning, but I think I just write a whole lotta nonsense (at times!)! Instead of coming straight to the point, I think I rant a lot more than necessary..haha...seriously! Once again, I will use a Facebook sticker to express this:

haha..Completely true!! When people don't know me too well, I get tagged as "The Quiet Girl"...(I know, hard to believe eh?). but once they've gotten to know me, and vice versa.. it's a totally different story! They ask me to shut up! hehe. But don't get the wrong idea, I am quiet person..sometimes, when I want to be, and need to be. ;)

I'd like to take this moment and thank all the people who know me well. THANK YOU for putting up with me and my talks. Whether they make sense or not!! And I hope I'm not too much of a bother!! I really love that you guys listen to me!! So thank you!! And it wouldn't hurt if you talked a bit as well you know ..hehehe :D

See? Here again? I have made this post lengthy enough! And really.. for no apparent reason!! See, if it I wanted, I could've simply just posted that Facebook Sticker and beneath it wrote, "Enough Said." .. but then that would go against the whole idea that I rant a lot!
Ooo-kayy, I will stop now. :D

...I think I just answered my own question.. =D

Just one of the those days...

There are times when life hits us in our soft spots. Everything is A-Ok and then suddenly you get a realization and then things aren't so fine anymore.

Times change, people change. But at times, change isn't so great. Especially when you don't want things to change. Sure sometimes change is a good thing, infact at times it's great! However, other times you would just wish that things always remain the same. Sometimes, when you have something so special...that's when you don't want the change. And Insha'Allah those things won't change (I won't let them!). ;)

Anyways, about "just one of those days", there are times when you're just real down. Y'know what I mean? And you just wanna sit down, relax and maybe just talk to those real close ones? Yup, that's what I'm doing! And trying to ease the mood I started to listening to a really nice song. Which definitely helped soothe the mood.
Then I started talking to a friend of mine (who's been going through a load of changes lately--for the greater good in her case). Mash'Allah, this summer she has gotten closer to our religion and is helping us get there as well. Anyways, she saw me listening to the song, and suggested that I listen to this instead. Surah Yasin. Subhan'Allah. It is recited so well. It definitely feels good to listen to it. See, in her case Change is a VERY good thing.

I'm sure change hits us all once in awhile. What's important is to keep those close relationships no matter what, because if they're not close ones, then you wouldn't have them to begin with. Change or no change! And as for feeling down, it happens every-so-often. I feel it's best to think about the happy times, than worry over the sad ones. That being said, I think I'm feeling better than I did when I began writing this post! :)

I'm sure who ever just read the above is totally confused out of their mind right now.. soo my apologizes! Sorry... it's okay, just forget you read this! :D haha..

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Brilliante Weblog Premio - 2008

So apparently there are blogger awards!! Superb!! I always end up winning things I didn't even know existed! Anyways, I was given this brilliant award and honour by none other than my beloved cousin(ish) Majaz!! Here is what she had to say:

Hufsa, for her candid and life-is-wonderful kinda tone. You're a real sweetheart.

Awwh, Thank you So much Majaz! It it truly an honour!
After all, the only reason I started blogging was because you had suggested it to me and it is your wonderful pieces of writings that inspire me to blog more often! So thank you very much :)
And as for my blog, "life-is-wonderful", haha.. well at times, I just try to look at it from a positive perspective!
I'd also like to take this moment and thank all my family and friends who are very close to my heart and are always there for me. It is you all who give me the inspiration I need. It really means a lot, THANK YOU!

Unfortunately I don't think I can carry on the further rules of this award as I have only been blogging for less than a year and am not familiar with seven different blogs.. :$ So my sincere apologies, Insha'Allah next year I will be able to pass on this award to others! :D

Once again Thank you Majaz, Blogspot, my inspirational people and anyone who has ever read my blog! Thank you!!! It really means a lot!!

My Apartment View - GORGEOUS!

"A picture is worth a thousand words" -- That quote couldn't be any more correct!! Therefore I will let my pictures do most of the talking in this post!

If there is one thing that I completely die-heartedly LOVE about my apartment, it's my VIEW. Yes, the view straight from my balcony. Stare your hearts out people:
I could, and do, stand here for hours simply staring at this magnificent sight. Absolutely Stunning!! I love it!!

Here it is on another day : (See the moon on the far right??) :D This was taken past midnight.
And now one more look at this amazing sight---this time, through my bedroom window during Maghrib (Sunset) Time :

See? Who wouldn't mind sitting here and just staring out there??? :D

MASHALLAH...what a view!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This Summers' Most Frequently Used Phrase: I MISS YOU !

I don't know about others, but I can speak for myself and say that this summer I have used that phrase almost everyday to and for many people. Maybe because last summer I was re-visiting my home country so that was fun and the summers before that I was just too little to miss people (plus we were probably busy with things too). THIS year (2008) however I have bonded very closely with a lot of people, maybe that's why now, in the summer when they're all busy with their daily doings, I miss them so much!
I'm not exaggerating, ever since school ended and the summer holidays begun, I started missing all my friends! With less than two weeks before school starts again I can say that every single day since near the end of June I have said to more than one person that I miss them! And it's not only me, but those same people have said the same to me and I'm sure, to others as well.
Thus we can conclude that the most commonly used phrase in Summer 2008 was " I MISS YOU ".

And to all those people who I've said this too, I really do miss you all very, very much!

Better left unsaid..

The old saying is true, "Somethings are better left unsaid".
"'s easier than explaining why you're sad" (Facebook Sticker).

Both these quotes are similar. I have realized that while something is only in your thoughts (your own head) you can choose to focus on it or even diminish it. However, once you tell another person about that, they also know and therefore can bring it or even question you about it. Depending on the situation that can be good or bad.

Good: You reaaally need someone to talk to, you're in a horrible situation. When someone knows, they can talk to you about it and you can let it all out! (yay!)

Bad: You just don't want that attention on you and would prefer that that matter is not discussed. When a person knows the matter (unaware of your feelings about it currently) they might bring it up in your conversation without realizing you don't want to talk about it. (uh-oh!)

That is why you should always be careful how you express yourself. If you're going to walk around with a frown on your face, people will ask you what's wrong. To avoid being asked, put on a smile! If on your facebook or msn you've written "sad" messages or what not, you're asking for people to somewhat question you! If you don't want that, don't write those messages! Simple!
I'm not saying however that you should NEVER let out what you have to say. It IS better at times to just let it all out--pour out your heart! But there are also times when you just need to settle your thoughts in your own head. So you can just sort through somethings on your own. You may even realize that that "thing" was better off being cleared up in your head.

It's two in the morning and I have no idea why I just wrote this post... I think I need to get some sleep! :)


Trusting someone is a very special thing. When you trust or confide in someone, it means that you feel that what ever you say to them will be, in most cases, kept only to themselves. It also means that you strongly believe in that person in a such a way that you feel secure enough to express all our thoughts and feelings to them. Knowing that you can be trusted is a great feeling, especially when you and others know that you are trustworthy.
However, trusting someone can be somewhat difficulty. Especially if you were once someone who usually kept to themselves. You hesitate and always think twice before you share any piece of information with anyone. Then when you actually wonder if you did the right thing or not.

Luckily, I have a few really close and special people who I completely trust (very limited few!), meaning no second thoughts (lol).

But I wonder about others...I guess depending on who you are you would trust other people (that is probably a fact). I wonder if what they're saying to me is a really the truth, or a complete myth. Oh well God Knows.
I'm just grateful to the people that I do have to confide in. :) (To those of you: Thank you very much, it means a lot!) <3

Monday, August 18, 2008

Summer Get-Together

Summer. Six Teenage Girls. Tightly Bond Friends. A whole day of Chilling.

Can you guess how the entire day from 2pm to 10:30pm was spent?

Partying, chilling, eating, dancing, gossiping, hair-dos, make-up, more gossiping and music?

Typical things close teenage girls would be expected to do right? Nope, not us.

Mash'Allah, I am very proud to say that ALLAH has gifted me with the most wonderful friends in the entire world (Alhumdulillah). After not having a proper chat and get-together after an entire month, my friends and I decided to meet up at my place. All of us taking time out of our busy summer schedule to just chill with one another. What did we do? Well, apart from eating delicious briyani, chicken, samoosas and pizza we just chatted. That's right. Talking. No, not about who our latest crush was, or which girl totally pissed us off the other day. Our topic of discussion was none other than our beloved religion, Islam.
It was perhaps the most friendly discussion on some of the most contriversial topics. We discussed the ways of praying namaz, we talked about Jannah. We spoke about milads, Shab-e-Barat, Ramadan, Tarawee and more. (Which way is correct, how do you know if that's right, what do we do when such happens, etc). All of us, coming from some-what different backgrouds and different views on these topics had lots to share. What amazed me most was how we were all so involved (Mash'Allah) in the discussion and understood each other very well. We took the several points into consideration and expressed how we felt about them and asked loads of questions which we tired to find answers too. Mash'Allah, was such a great discussion. Meeting up with your best friends and talking about all this, is by far amazing.
I am very blessed, I think, to be in company of such wonderful companions. May Allah always guide us all in the right path and forgive us for all our sins. Ameen.

Seriously, these girls are my best friends in the entire world. Meeting up them after such a long time and just talking about this topic is perhaps something not many would do. It was such a wonderful day. (Of course we did a few other things aswell.. like running outside when heavy rain started to pour and thunder and lightning struck!) Great Fun..absolutely wonderful!


Why is it that sometimes you have a million things you want to write and share, but you can not decide which to write first? Or even which to write at all? One idea seems better than the other while the other is perhaps something that should not be written. Are some things really better left unsaid? Or do some things have to be expressed? You have a million things to say but don't know what.

This is one of those times.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


I've been told many times to keep smiling. I've heard many cliques and what not about how smiling is so much better than frowning or how it takes more muscles and strength to frown than smile.
Which is yes, true. I recently even read a little saying, "SMILE.. it's easier than explaining why you're upset". Again, completely true. This doesn't mean however, that you should not share what you are feeling upset about. This just means that smiling is just so much more easier and also keeps one in a better mood. In fact, here's something that I got out of a fortune cookie recently, "A smile is a curve that can set a lot of things straight". So people, is truly a great gift from GOD, so we might as well make the most of it!
Keep Smiling :)

Friends In Life

Friends in Life? Correction, Friends ARE life. Every choice, every decision, every action we take in life is because of the friends we have in our lives. Alhumduillah, I am blessed with the most wonderful friends in the world (Yes, you know who you people are).

I think, sometimes, what my life would be without the friends I have, and you know what the conclusion is? Nothing. No friends, no life. 'Friend' is only a title given in the English language, but the meaning of that word is so much more dense. It is a person who shares your happiness and your woes. It is that other human being who understands you and who you feel is another part of you. I could go on and on about how much my friends mean to me, but it will be futile. They know what value they have.

So here, this one little post of a few words is dedicated to them and all the other people in the world who have a friend or are a friend. May God Bless us all with the company of such wondrous people. Ameen. And Thank you, for always being there, especially when one needs you most. :)