Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Apartment View - GORGEOUS!

"A picture is worth a thousand words" -- That quote couldn't be any more correct!! Therefore I will let my pictures do most of the talking in this post!

If there is one thing that I completely die-heartedly LOVE about my apartment, it's my VIEW. Yes, the view straight from my balcony. Stare your hearts out people:
I could, and do, stand here for hours simply staring at this magnificent sight. Absolutely Stunning!! I love it!!

Here it is on another day : (See the moon on the far right??) :D This was taken past midnight.
And now one more look at this amazing sight---this time, through my bedroom window during Maghrib (Sunset) Time :

See? Who wouldn't mind sitting here and just staring out there??? :D

MASHALLAH...what a view!


Sammi said...

I hate you for that :P
but MashAllah, it's oh so WOW!!!

Anonymous said...

bootifull..wery bootipul..hehe..guess who??

Hufsa said...

I know isn't it!! haha..yeah, I know you hate me for that, but buddy come over often then! :D

I don't know, who are you? lol, sorry! (I have a few hunches, but no certainty)

Majaz said...

Oh my GOD!! So beautiful!! Masha'Allah indeed!

Anonymous said...

wowie..its such a lovely view..especially i love the night view!

Hufsa said...

Yeah, it's really smth :)