Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Trusting someone is a very special thing. When you trust or confide in someone, it means that you feel that what ever you say to them will be, in most cases, kept only to themselves. It also means that you strongly believe in that person in a such a way that you feel secure enough to express all our thoughts and feelings to them. Knowing that you can be trusted is a great feeling, especially when you and others know that you are trustworthy.
However, trusting someone can be somewhat difficulty. Especially if you were once someone who usually kept to themselves. You hesitate and always think twice before you share any piece of information with anyone. Then when you actually wonder if you did the right thing or not.

Luckily, I have a few really close and special people who I completely trust (very limited few!), meaning no second thoughts (lol).

But I wonder about others...I guess depending on who you are you would trust other people (that is probably a fact). I wonder if what they're saying to me is a really the truth, or a complete myth. Oh well God Knows.
I'm just grateful to the people that I do have to confide in. :) (To those of you: Thank you very much, it means a lot!) <3

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