Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just one of the those days...

There are times when life hits us in our soft spots. Everything is A-Ok and then suddenly you get a realization and then things aren't so fine anymore.

Times change, people change. But at times, change isn't so great. Especially when you don't want things to change. Sure sometimes change is a good thing, infact at times it's great! However, other times you would just wish that things always remain the same. Sometimes, when you have something so special...that's when you don't want the change. And Insha'Allah those things won't change (I won't let them!). ;)

Anyways, about "just one of those days", there are times when you're just real down. Y'know what I mean? And you just wanna sit down, relax and maybe just talk to those real close ones? Yup, that's what I'm doing! And trying to ease the mood I started to listening to a really nice song. Which definitely helped soothe the mood.
Then I started talking to a friend of mine (who's been going through a load of changes lately--for the greater good in her case). Mash'Allah, this summer she has gotten closer to our religion and is helping us get there as well. Anyways, she saw me listening to the song, and suggested that I listen to this instead. Surah Yasin. Subhan'Allah. It is recited so well. It definitely feels good to listen to it. See, in her case Change is a VERY good thing.

I'm sure change hits us all once in awhile. What's important is to keep those close relationships no matter what, because if they're not close ones, then you wouldn't have them to begin with. Change or no change! And as for feeling down, it happens every-so-often. I feel it's best to think about the happy times, than worry over the sad ones. That being said, I think I'm feeling better than I did when I began writing this post! :)

I'm sure who ever just read the above is totally confused out of their mind right now.. soo my apologizes! Sorry... it's okay, just forget you read this! :D haha..


haj said...

dont let the "one of those days" be like the "one of those days" lifes too short..make the most of every moment:D

dunno if that makes sense..but u noe wut i mean:P

Hufsa said...

I know exactly what you mean.
Thank you :) That's really great advice.

Insha'Allah that's what I shall do!

Majaz said...

One of those days come in everyone's life. The best we can do is know that there's a tomorrow and hopefully, insha'Allah, it will be different than today. :)

Hufsa said...

awwh, yes, Insha'Allah.
And Thank you... you speak so wisely! <3
I luv you :)

Anonymous said...

its just how it is. Everyone rejects change. Its foreign, even though in some cases it might be for good. There are those times, that you want everything to stay the same, but after a while you realize that "the new changes" are really better, and then you don't want that to change...and so on. Don't worry, i hate change too, and in my case it doesn't matter if its good or bad, i just hate change. But sadly nothing stays the same.

Anonymous said...

we really don't know whats planned for us tomorrow,or even if there will be a tomorrow. so don't waste your time feeling down,like they saying goes a moment of sadness is a moment of happiness lost.

Hufsa said...

Very wisely spoken! Thank you very much :)