Monday, August 18, 2008

Summer Get-Together

Summer. Six Teenage Girls. Tightly Bond Friends. A whole day of Chilling.

Can you guess how the entire day from 2pm to 10:30pm was spent?

Partying, chilling, eating, dancing, gossiping, hair-dos, make-up, more gossiping and music?

Typical things close teenage girls would be expected to do right? Nope, not us.

Mash'Allah, I am very proud to say that ALLAH has gifted me with the most wonderful friends in the entire world (Alhumdulillah). After not having a proper chat and get-together after an entire month, my friends and I decided to meet up at my place. All of us taking time out of our busy summer schedule to just chill with one another. What did we do? Well, apart from eating delicious briyani, chicken, samoosas and pizza we just chatted. That's right. Talking. No, not about who our latest crush was, or which girl totally pissed us off the other day. Our topic of discussion was none other than our beloved religion, Islam.
It was perhaps the most friendly discussion on some of the most contriversial topics. We discussed the ways of praying namaz, we talked about Jannah. We spoke about milads, Shab-e-Barat, Ramadan, Tarawee and more. (Which way is correct, how do you know if that's right, what do we do when such happens, etc). All of us, coming from some-what different backgrouds and different views on these topics had lots to share. What amazed me most was how we were all so involved (Mash'Allah) in the discussion and understood each other very well. We took the several points into consideration and expressed how we felt about them and asked loads of questions which we tired to find answers too. Mash'Allah, was such a great discussion. Meeting up with your best friends and talking about all this, is by far amazing.
I am very blessed, I think, to be in company of such wonderful companions. May Allah always guide us all in the right path and forgive us for all our sins. Ameen.

Seriously, these girls are my best friends in the entire world. Meeting up them after such a long time and just talking about this topic is perhaps something not many would do. It was such a wonderful day. (Of course we did a few other things aswell.. like running outside when heavy rain started to pour and thunder and lightning struck!) Great Fun..absolutely wonderful!


Sammi said...

Mashallah! It sure was a blessed day.

Hufsa said...

It certainly was!