Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Better left unsaid..

The old saying is true, "Somethings are better left unsaid".
"'s easier than explaining why you're sad" (Facebook Sticker).

Both these quotes are similar. I have realized that while something is only in your thoughts (your own head) you can choose to focus on it or even diminish it. However, once you tell another person about that, they also know and therefore can bring it or even question you about it. Depending on the situation that can be good or bad.

Good: You reaaally need someone to talk to, you're in a horrible situation. When someone knows, they can talk to you about it and you can let it all out! (yay!)

Bad: You just don't want that attention on you and would prefer that that matter is not discussed. When a person knows the matter (unaware of your feelings about it currently) they might bring it up in your conversation without realizing you don't want to talk about it. (uh-oh!)

That is why you should always be careful how you express yourself. If you're going to walk around with a frown on your face, people will ask you what's wrong. To avoid being asked, put on a smile! If on your facebook or msn you've written "sad" messages or what not, you're asking for people to somewhat question you! If you don't want that, don't write those messages! Simple!
I'm not saying however that you should NEVER let out what you have to say. It IS better at times to just let it all out--pour out your heart! But there are also times when you just need to settle your thoughts in your own head. So you can just sort through somethings on your own. You may even realize that that "thing" was better off being cleared up in your head.

It's two in the morning and I have no idea why I just wrote this post... I think I need to get some sleep! :)

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