Monday, July 14, 2008

Rest In Peace Irfan Jogiat

Irfan Jogiat, older brother of one my best and closest friend in the entire world, passed away on Saturday, July 12th, 2008.

Yes, so he was the brother of my friend, but that friend is ever so dear that her brother's death brought a flood of tears and great sorrow to not only me but the rest of my friends as well. It was/is as if he were our own. Sure we only exchanged hello's once in a while, but the pain and sorrow was just as huge upon hearing the news. I was devastated, with tears flowing down my cheeks and the worried feeling about what the family must be going through. Of course, I rushed over straight away to at least be by my friend's side. Her and her family are hanging in there.
What can we possibly say to make them feel better? There isn't a single word or phrase in the world which can compare to their loss--sorry, not their loss, OUR loss.

Everyone and anyone who reads this, Please pray to GOD that Allah grants peace to Ifran Jogiat in heaven and provides support and courage to his family and the rest of us.

It is truely a huge and painful moment in all our lives. The lives which may never be the same again. I just pray to Allah that all will be well for his family and friends. Prayers and praying is all we can do. Of course, the pain is uncurable and depending on the different situations, it may even increase but we must pray as tears will do no good to him or anyone else. Yes I know, it's easier said than done, I am speaking from experience.

We should know though, that Irfan Jogiat is in a much better place than the rest of us, and may Allah give him more peace and happiness in heaven. Ameen.

Here is the article published on him, and another one here also similar.

May Allah Be with us All. Ameen.