Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Holidays!

With one entire week of the holidays already gone and only one more remaining, hope everyone is happy and enjoying!

My holidays so far are going pretty great and quite busy but loads of fun! I was in Indiana, USA last week and this week in Pennslyvania. It's totally awesome here! And there isn't even a drop of snow! (Huge contrast from back in TO!) Anyways.. the landscapes here are BEAUTIFUL!!

Apart from all the enjoying... one thing constantly haunting me is my homework. I have no idea when I'm going to do it.. though I have May GOD help me with that!

Next exciting thing is that I finally got a laptop!! Thank GOD! And MashAllah, it is wonderfully magnificent!

Well that's all the update for now. My God.. time is just going by so fast!! It feels like just yesterday I was rejoicing that the holidays have begun and now I'm starting to think about it ending, school starting and exams approaching... oh God, scary thought!

Well...we've still got six more days of freedom (unless you're stuck doing homework due on the seventh day). Anyways, time to enjoy to the fullest and relax! Soo once again, Happy Holidays everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Belated happy new year to you..have fun & enjoy the holidays: )

Hufsa said...

Thank you! To you too :)