Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

Here we are!! Thousand and nine! Wow! It honesty just feels like just yesterday when I took a picture and exclaimed, "here's the first picture of 2008"! And just last night (12:00am) I clicked the first picture of 2009.

The year of thousand and eight was really a productive and will always remain a memorable year. Lots happened. So many memories, so many happy moments, much bonding and also finding some really great friends. This year started off with grade ten and ended with grade eleven..these divided the year into half. I'll have to say I enjoyed and loved the first part of 2008 much more than the latter. Most of this has to do with being in grade ten and eleven, but apart from that Life was just real good! Many more memories on Facebook and MSN. Yes, that includes staying up until three, four, five and six in the morning! What great nights!
I would give highlights of this past year, but at this current moment I lack the energy; perhaps another time.

So here we are 2009! One more year gone that will never return; one more year gone that leads us closer to certain ends.. but also one more year that leads us to a another beginning. Let's forgive and forget all the sorrows while cherishing the joys and make the most of the year two thousand and nine!
Happy New Year! :)


Ali said...

Aww.. this comes late but Happy New Year :)

Ali said...

DARN!! This is Mahwash Appa not Ali! Logged in through hsi account accidentally!

Hufsa said...

ahahha ohhokayy! lol
Thank you :)