Friday, January 16, 2009

MY Cake!

Yes, the day has finally arrived that I have created my very first cake - from SCRATCH!!

That's right folks... no assistance from mum what-so-ever!! Well, she had to tell me where the ingredients and equipment were located.. but apart from that I did it ALL-BY-MYSELF! :D Yes this is probably the first thing I made by myself, so yeah, I'm gunna be happy about it!

The recipe was obtained from my little cousin, Maham.. so thank you Mahamu! Too bad you're not here to taste it and tell me how it is!

It's nothing fancy, a simple plain-cake (with chocolate and few walnuts), but hey, it's a start!


hj245 said...

gudd jobbb huffyyyy
i wanna bake a cake too..all by myself..but my mom doesnt trust me in the
anyways since u didnt leave some for me i'll be waiting for one better be gud:D

seher's shenanigans said...

it looks terrifically bakes [if that is a word]..
i have yet to bake a cake in the kitchen!

Hufsa said...

Thank you both :D

haha.. yes Haj, you shall get some soon, InshaAllah! :P

Majaz said...