Thursday, December 11, 2008

Your Personal Values

Personality quizzes are fun, whether long or short. Here's one I received just a few moments ago - short and sweet :)

Here's what to do:

List the following animals from your best preference to least- Pig, Horse, Cow, Sheep and Tiger

Got it??

Wrote it down?

Now here is what they mean:

Pig = Money
Horse = Family
Cow = Career
Sheep = Love
Tiger = Pride

How'd you do? :)

Here is my result : Tiger, Horse, Cow, Sheep, Pig
thus, Pride, Family, Career, Love and Money.

Enjoy :)


Sammi said...

lmao huffy,
"sheeps are scary"

Hufsa said...

ahahaha.. they are!!
And so is it ;)

Hibbed said...

haha mine was the exact same as urz.. except i switched around cows and sheeps! but this is full bull:p so not true for me

Hufsa said...

haha :P