Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend - with English Homework

Taken: 11/16/08 *6:16 PM

This picture is a summary of how 27% of my weekend was spent. Though the digit may seem small, let me assure you that that is 13 hours out of the 48 hours in a weekend. Imagine being stuck writing up five "well-constructed" paragraphs analyzing a novel. I don't even want to talk about it anymore! But yes, that there above illustrates the set up of my environment.

The other 43.73% of the weekend was spent sleeping (hey, I didn't get a lot of sleep throughout the week okay? lol). Then about 10% was devoted to studying for a test and the other 19.27% was just spent going shopping, watching tv and surfing online etc.. Just in case someone was wondering :P

Anyways.. the main point of this post is to show-off the picture above so disregard the other rantings if you must :)

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