Monday, September 1, 2008

Last Day of Summer 2008

It's unfortunately here, the official end of summer 2008.

I don't know what to say! Time FLIES! One moment I've just finished my exams and jumped in excitement as summer had begun, and now, the next moment the summer has already come to an end.

So how did this summer pass for me? Well, let me just sum up my two-month events in a small list.
  • I attended a course at the University of Toronto, that was fantastic!
  • I made new friends and terribly missed the old!
  • My ever-so-lovely cousins came from Pennsylvania, that was a blast!
  • One of my sisters turned 6, the other entered her teenage years.
  • Me and my Friends suffered a terrible loss, but that helped us bring us closer to our religion and face more realities.
  • My other cousins came from Indiana, always a joy!
  • Met up friends, those were good times!
  • Went to a few outings, those are always superbtabulous!
And that's really it, nothing so very exciting, but still, there were a few very, very good and fun moments which I really enjoyed! Time has passed, and now tomorrow beings a whole new year of school. Grade 11. Second last year of high school. *glups* No point in dreading it, it will come, and it did, and now it's here!! So here go, another school year to tackle, let's see what life brings this way!

To everyone else, hope you all had a terrific summer! All the best with the new school year!

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