Friday, September 5, 2008

First Week of Grade 11


Shocking, yes, but we have made it! A whole entire (well, sort of) week of classes!! Woohoo!
It wasn't that bad actually. Infact not bad at all! I was honestly really scared about starting grade eleven at first, but soon I realized I wasn't alone and that every other student was nervous as well. I guess it's 'cause this is one of the two years which will affect the rest of our entire lives! *glups* Well now, that's a real comforting thought! Oh well, Insha'Allah everyone will do well! Okay so yes, the first week of class - here's a little overview :

First Period : Photography - My favourite hobby! But right now, it's not so great as we're doing sketches and stuff. HELLO! I did not take this class to DRAW. I took it to take PICTURES. Yes please! Hopefully next week we shall start taking some scenery pictures and start doing some real photography. Should be a fun and easy class!

Period Two : English - Has to be the subject which causes me the most grief! But I'm totally excited for this class because I really like my teacher (I had her in grade 9 aswell). Her admiration of English really wants me to learn it well and be good at it. I'm also excited because she said we will be blogging in class aswell! Wooohooo!! Also, the topic we're focusing on, power, is really quite interesting, so I'm really looking forward to English Classes, despite all the hours of hard writing work!

Period Three : LUNCH - Well, it's not like we eat or anything now, 'cause of Ramadan, but this is the period where me and my friends just chill and hangout. A really good breather!

Period Four : French - Oui, le Francais! Je l'aime! I honestly really like french and this year, my teacher is really awesome too! He talks in french a lot so that really helps to improve our oral communication in french too, he's also very easy going which keeps us all relaxed. I'm already loving this class and I hope at the end of it I'll be speaking le Francais quite often!!

Period Five : Biology - What a way to end the day! Biology class with 2-3 of my most closest friends! I think we're THIS close to getting our seats changed because we talk so much! haha! But this is really is fun! We haven't really begun the actual bio stuff but still, it seems like we're going to learn some great stuff! And of course, having my friends with me is an extra bonus!

So that was my week one! Not so bad at all! Pretty good actually!! So let's just hope for the best and see what comes our way! :)

That's 10 months minus one week of school to go!


Sammi said...

You know bio is only fun because of me :P

hajirah said...

noooo bios not fun for hufsa because of;)

Sammi said...

oh yeahh!!! lol
no i think she enjoys it. hehe
lots of blushing going on there...
right huffy??

Majaz said...

Looks like a fun day!

Wow, you're learning photography!? Very cool!

Hufsa said...

Majaz : Yeah!! I am! It should be great!! Hopefully!!

Sammi : Stupid Sameera, shut up. You watch.. next time we see "someone" .. you watch!!

Hajra : Oh really Hajra.. then waht huhn?? Do you need a good talking to aswell?? LOL