Monday, September 1, 2008

Ramadan Mubarak !

Happy Ramadan to everyone!

This is THE most favourite time of the year for me!

This is the month where "the doors of heaven are opened and the devils are chained in hell". A truly holy and blessed month. We are all sinners so let's make the most of this month. Let's do those good deeds that we've been delaying for the past year. Let's ask for forgiveness and pray like we've never prayed before..directly from our hearts. Life is too short and we don't realize how blessed we are to be alive. Every minute we live, we are bound to commit a sin. We're not that great people, BUT still, ALLAH (SWT) has given us this oppourtunity to come to the right path. To undo what we did wrong and ask for forgiveness. ALLAH is truly merciful. I know it may be difficult to give up those old, bad habbits, but THIS is the PERFECT time! ALLAH is ready to help you in everyway possible but we have to be fully COMMITED! Insha'Allah, if we set our mind to the right thing, we will achieve our goal. This is the time of the year where every Muslim is trying their very best to wash their sins and do good things and ask for forgivness. So let's follow the right path, let's devote ourselves to ALLAH, then maybe, Insha'Allah we will be able to continue these wonderous ways hence forth and be less of the sinners that we were the year before!
Let's start to (just naming a few) pray more often, give to the poor, not backbite, not be so into TV and music not only for this holy month of Ramadan but for the rest of our lives as well. Insha'Allah. May Allah(swt) forgive us all and guide us to the right ways. Ameen.

Remember, you can never know when life will be taken away from you. And when we're gone, it's everything we did here (on earth) that will determine our fate in the afterlife.

Here is a really great video that has to do with Shaytan and how many sins we commit obeying him. It is a MUST watch! (Do try and watch the other episodes aswell, they are really great to get a realization!)

P.S. I would also like to take this moment and ask for forgivness from anyone who I've ever hurt (in anyway) whether intentionally or unintentionally. My sincere apologies.
Also to anyone who feels that they have hurt me in anyway, don't worry, I forgive you too! :)


hajirah said...

this is my fav time of the year too,that when it ends i wish ramadhaan was an all year round thing. So lets try to be the best of ppl during this month and after that when shaytaan comes back after eid he can see that we're better
anyways 4give me if i ever hurt u in anyway...and rmr me in ur duaas in theis blessed month.
woohoooo ramadhaan!!!!:D:D

Hufsa said...

Yeah, let's be better people for sure! It will be much easier if we're all in this together!!
Insha'Allah we will be able to show Shaytan when we returns that we're oh-kay without him :) haha :P

Majaz said...

Aw, Ramadan Mubarak to you too.

Hufsa said...

Khair Mubarak :D

Anonymous said...

That video was so wacked >.<
i laughed to hard..

Hufsa said...

haha :)