Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day Of School

Yup, today was the day! Well, actually my classes officially begin tomorrow, but I'm not going to write about MY first day back at school. Nope, I'm going to talk about what my experience was like dropping off my two little sisters to school on their first day of Grade 1 and 4.

So, bright and early, we (my sisters, mum and I) leave at 8:26am to make sure we find both the little ones classes before classes begin. Everything's good, we were early we knew the classes and the teachers but NOT where we had to meet them. So we look around, and we see quite a few people gathered around a small piece of paper stuck to one of the doors. How convenient is that?! It had some type of lines and names all squished together, fantastic! Anyways, then eventually the teachers start to come (around 8:45am now) and my mum assured me they would be carrying some sort of signs. Yes, they were.. regular sized papers with their name and class number printed and the paper was stuck to their clipboard (so that you had to be right in their faces to see what was written on it!). So obviously everyone was crowded everywhere!! Though one teacher was actually smart enough to photocopy that paper and stick it to both sides of a meter stick; so props to her!!
Anyways, next it was the line-up. This was funny. All the parents were rushing to get their kids to be first in line and stand next to the teacher. I heard one person say to his son, "Beta, teacher to hi bolna aur how are you poochna, jao" (translation: Son, say hi to your teacher and ask her how she is, go!). Haha...Come ON (lol)! Almost every parent came up to teacher to introduce their child! Like seriously people! You're child will be spending the next 10months with this person, I'm sure they'll get a good introduction!! But sure, they're excited or whatever..so yeah.
Anyways, the line-ups were pretty messed up and their signs were too small. But it was great to see my sisters entering grade 1 and 4. (They were excited, clearly, and that was a joy to see!)
I remember my first days on those two years. Grade one..yeah, I felt like I was going on some gigantic mission and I thought I was really brave that I didn't cry when my parents left (haha!)! Now I'm in grade eleven .. so the first day isn't such a big deal, but honestly, going back after this summer...it felt a little bit different! After all, this is the second last year of high school!


Majaz said...

Aww.. best of luck to all! :)

Hufsa said...

Thank you :)