Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Understanding and A Change of Heart!

Okay, it's 1am now and I just finished doing a project which when I began, I HATED!
Trust me, ask the people I have been bothering for hours and complaining of what a pain this project was. I totally HATED it with all my heart!
I chose the topic, Depth of Field, as a Consideration of Photography for my Photography Class. I chose DOF because this technique was one I always wanted to learn! Hence I chose it so I could use it. When I began my research, NOTHING made sense. Hence the Frustration and hence the non-stop complaining.
I didn't get it. I loved photography, yet this assignment was such a pain to do! Why? I didn't realize it before, but now, after completing, I realized that it was because of a lack of understanding. Now that I've gained more knowledge on this topic - I LOVE IT! Those who I annoyed with the following phrases throughout the day will laugh and shake their heads upon reading this post!
"ARGH!! :@"
and so forth.. hehe
Anyways, now that I've completed this project, I feel so good! I actually feel great that I accomplished this task and not to brag or anything, I'm really proud of the work I ended up producing! Now, to only do a good presentation and get a good mark! Then I shall be super duper happy!
Oh but unfortunately, I also realized now, that this technique of photography, Depth of Field, one I always wanted to use - I can't, as my current Camera does not have the ability (the proper lens)..oh well, I still LOVE it! So in summary, I liked doing er-- I liked COMPLETING this project very much, because in end, it was totally worth it!! Just goes to show you what a little bit (or a lot, in this case) of understanding can do!!
Thank You to those of you who had to put up with me throughout this!


Sammi said...

Hufsa, Hufsa, Hufsa!
u bum, complained about the project the whole time I was on!

Majaz said...


Btw, I want to see what you produced!

Hufsa said...

Sure! I will be putting up the pictures soon! :)

awahid said...

I love DOF
may be I can learn somthing from you

Anonymous said...

i do not understand this blog entry you have created.
but infact that is okay

Anonymous said...

i love this blog hufsaworld
it is incredible

Hufsa said...

Awahid - I love DOF too, but I've done it myself yet but, I certainly do hope to one day though!

Anonymous - Ohkay... hehe THANK YOU :)

Hufsa said...

I have not** done it myself yet..

Anonymous said...

Hi So u wrote this to complain about your projectt wow ( Tee Hee)

Anonymous said...

^ i am joking and what project ?????

Anonymous said...

Hey This Is S_d_a
Hii Y Did u write about this ???