Sunday, June 7, 2009


Sunday Night - Nearly 10pm.

Major summative (Computer Science - Programming final project) due in two days.

My Progress? Haven't even BEGUN! So yes, I am doomed to the extreme. I have to get something done in two days which would normally take me two weeks, so HELP ME GOD!

So why am I blogging rather than doing my work right now (as my sister so kindly (not!) pointed out) ?

Because I'm tired, slightly stressed and about to lose my mind. I needed to rant and no friend to rant is online. Hence the blog post.

Okay my rant is completed, I shall begun my work now. Thank you very much.


Sammi said...

ur still ranting to me and its like 11:20 rite now!
awww...poor little huffy:P

Hufsa said...

ahahaha.. glad u get my pain :P

and thanks for helping me out darlingg :D