Monday, June 29, 2009


Memories.. oh so many memories!

With each day going by and each moment being passed.. a new memory is gained and cherished.

No matter what they are or of whom they involve.. they're the things we treasure.

And once something is so near and dear to our hearts, it's only human to miss it.. because those memories, those moments, they became a habit, they become a routine, they become embedded in our hearts.
..And that's when we realize how incomplete we are without them .

So summer's here! The fun has began.. and everyone's at it with their busy lives. You promise to keep in touch.. but having no idea of how often that will be. You promise things will not change but there is no guarantee. So we live and pass our days feeding off those memories we've saved. And then.. we miss them.

"Memories are always pleasant. No matter how far away from each other we are. The way I miss you will never change"

...THAT quote is the inspiration for this post (found on the top right picture.. a pencil case I received from a relative while in Karachi few years back).


Sammi said...

Hufffy, that's super cute!
You know me I'm like obsessed with memories, so this is right up my alley;)
Great post:D

Hufsa said...

Thanks.. I was actually thinking of you while writing this! :P