Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The End. Now What?

I literally have just finished my final exam. Physics.
Next week, we get our marks and that's it. We're done. Grade 11 over.

I can not even begin to say how fast this year flew by. It feels like just yesterday when Ramadan began and school stress rushed in. And now, in about two months, Ramadan will be back (InshaAllah) and so will a another school year. Our FINAL school year. ..scary.

This year, as a friend of mine so perfectly stated, was "a year of firsts". So much has happened, so many changes and a lot of things which I didn't even expect, let alone dream of. And let's leave it to that.

But, it was worth it.

Every single moment of it. Because when I look back now and see where I am and who's around me, it would never be this way otherwise.

Sure a lot (of fun, weird, crazy, stupid, scary, sad drama) happens, but in the end, it leads to where we are now, and that's where I want to be.

School, academically was okay too. But scary, that next year will be the final year of high school. Time is just going too fast for our own good. Exams are done though, and now summer is here.

That's a good thing. But what to do now? I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm going to (and am kinda already am) miss school.
No, not the homework part of it, but just being with Friends.. those were/are priceless moments.

InshaAllah we'll continue to have more of those. And the last final year will be great, memorable and successful.

As for now. Summer's HERE! School's OUT!! A whole two months of nothingness! To everyone who reads this, have a FABULOUS SUMMER! Get lots of rest, and enjoy to the fullest. Make the most of the time you have with family and friends.

To those who know me and reading this.. this year was a crazy year. School and social wise (haha ;) ) and now that summer's here, I don't know who often we'll meet (but it should be often!) .. I'm gunna miss you!!! Keep In touch everyone! :) xo

Okay.. time to have some fun :) Adios!


Sammi said...

I LOVED this year...and thank you:P
i did state it perfectly i know

Hufsa said...

I love you too Sammi!! xo

well, it was definately outstanding :P :D

Hassan said...

hey... i dont know you.i hevnt met you. we have just been friends for what 2 months.. right? still i feel what you are saying. i dont know if anyone will miss me or if i will miss anyone. but i know this that friend are those ppl who are there when you need them. so missing is another word for needing. so a good friend will always be with you, either by meeting,fone, chatting or even texts. so dont worry if your friends are good ones then you will never miss them coz they will always be with you somehow, anyhow.

Hufsa said...

awwwwwwwhhh, Thank you soo much! That is soo true!! Very very true.

I will always need my friends, and they'll need me :P haha.. so InshaAllah, we'll always be there for one another :)

lil' Hijabi said...

I knowww this year went by soooo quick..still cant believe we're done with grade 11!!!next thing u knw, we're done with high school...scary thought..ok lets not think about that ryt now, lets just make the most of wuts left:)Insha'Allah.

Hufsa said...

Couldn't agree more! :)