Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And this time, she hoped it would be different [ I ]

And this time she hoped it would be different.. [Part 1]

They're all the same.
Every time.

She stood silently near her balcony railing, sipping her cup of tea. The sun would set soon. A pigeon flew past her, then another and another; all heading for their homes. I wonder if they have anything to worry about, she thought. The sun setting in the west cast a shadow of her on her balcony wall. Her long black hair gently swaying with the wind, she took another sip of her tea. The warmth from the cup heating her cold hands. Gazing at the tree-tops and watching a car, then a bus and then a van zoom by, she thought of every thing, but nothing at all. She sipped her tea again.

She feared if she got too close, she would be hurt. It would hurt. And she knew she was right.


pingu<3 said...

This is amazing! I didnt know you were so good at writing Mashallah ... so .. what are you relating this to? or what were you thinking while writing this?

pingu<3 said...

While reading it I can totaly picture what your sayign.. its awesome. Theres so much detail!

Majaz said...


Asmi's Journal said...

Wow, masha Allah, beautiful, creative and...deep :) Can't wait for part 2, inshAllah!

Hufsa said...

Thank you sooo much!!