Monday, July 27, 2009

And this time, she hoped it would be different.. [ 2 ]

[Part 1 Here]

Part 2

It's all lies really. They don't mean any of it all. Sweet talk, yup, that's all it is. Truth is, when you really need someone, when you need a shoulder to cry on or even when you just need some nice one comes to you.

They say they'll be there when you need them, but they're not, not when it really matters. But how would they know? They aren't telepathic.


Every step she took on the path seemed light and gently. The rain drizzling all over her face. It was nice, she liked it, but she was outraged inside. She always had a thing for the gloomy weather. It was mysterious and kept her thoughts concealed. Her black backpack bounced on her back as she stepped into another puddle on the gray sidewalk. Who am I to trust now? It's not like I can tell everyone..besides, who would I tell? HIM? Or the friends who wouldn't even return my call?

What she was afraid of was now her living reality.


Sammi said...

Amazing huffy, really good. I can't wait to collaborate with you on your next part. Inshallah.

lil Hijabi said...

NICEEEEE!!! i know youre not talkin about yourself(your feelings and all)..i think, i mean thats wut u said..but i cant help thinkin that its ur i make sense:S..i dont think so , oh well stilll i LOVEEE ittt mashallah.Keep it up!