Monday, July 20, 2009

Life is Sad..


At times it seems like everything is just against you. Nothing is in your favour and you feel like a complete failure unable to achieve anything.

Not only that, but you keep hitting road blocks, and if not that, then well.. let's just say your faced with situations which make you a not-so-happy-camper. Where's that good luck charm when you need it ?

A friend once said to me, "Life is sad when you make it sad." Which is true..but sometimes things are just meant to go wrong and make life sad--make you miserable. And it could be anything, from work to school, to family, to friends! All at once.
But I guess we need those sad moments in life so that we can really appreciate those good times that we also have.

And even those upsetting times are valuable because we can learn from our mistakes. Just today me and two of friends were downtown..searching hospital to hospital for a volunteer opportunity. All had the same response: "sorry, it's too late..maybe next summer" ...bummer eh? Try having that said to you several times while having to walk in the boiling heat.
But, in the end, all three of us learned that from now on, no more wasting time. And we actually managed our time and found some other places to volunteer. So it was quite productive, not to mention fun! :)

So in summary.. life is sad.. at times. But those sad times are completely vital in our lives, because they are what help us to realize what and how to prioritize our life and make us matter what it is that we do.


Your loving Big Brother said...

Than is so beautiful Hufsa.. you are a beautiful writer.... (Y) and yes.. sometimes u cant fight fate, but it will work out

Hufsa said...

Wow.. thank you so much !!
Esp coming from you.. one of the most greatest writers ever! Thanks so much!!!!!!