Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weight Loss, let's make it official

So, I've pretty much struggled my whole life trying to lose weight, trying to be thin, trying to be fit. I've literally been obsessed with this idea since the age of 10 (sad right?). Over the years I have lost weight, gained it back over and over again. There were some futile methods and some that were really beneficial (more on those later).

I have come to realize that you can't just expect to lose weight and keep it off. You can't do that, not unless you make life-style change. So I'm going to keep track of what I do, and how I do it here, on my blog, regardless of whether even another soul reads it or not.

So, my first attempt at making a life-style change is going to begin with a simple "Cleanse Phase". It's going to require that we literally clean out our bodies of all the junk we've stored in there. This means no more sugary pop, no cookies, no chips, no deep-fried food. I can't diet, because I love food too much. I give in too quickly and go crashing down. So there's the plan for this week:

1. Exercise (You have to move, if you want the fat to move!)
2. WATER (no juices, pop or anything, just drink water with the exception of milk)
3. Healthy Foods and PORTION CONTROL

That's it, three things, be active, drink lots of water and eat healthy foods. This last bit is a bit challenging for me because coming from a brown family our every meal is drowned in tubs on oil. But I will try my best to avoid eating too much of what-ever food there is. It's also very important to control the portions you eat in. Take a small handful and take more ONLY if you're REALLY hungry. If not, have a glass of water and be done with it. Seriously, we don't need that much food in our bodies, we just love the taste so that tricks us to eating more.

Anyway that's my two cents on my weightloss journey---er correction--lifestyle change journey.


washi said...

So challenging Hufsa! I'm battling with my own lifestyle choice journey...aahh but the "wrong" choices are all so tasty :(

Anonymous said...

:D Now their is a comment from me \
:D :P

Hufsa said...

Washi, I know EXACTLY what you mean. Why are things that are sooo goood, SO BAD for you?! :( Thanks for reading!

Anon - Rolo, get lost :)