Friday, February 13, 2009

Qasidah Burdah Sharif


This is one of my most favourite Nasheeds! It not only is beautiful to hear but also soothes and relaxes the mind, not to mention its splendid lyrics. My God.. they're just wonderful! I've listened to it now several times now after quite sometime.. it's amazing.

I recommend reading the translated lyrics at this link HERE while you hear it.. it's totally worth it.

Another one of my favourite renditions is by Junaid Jamshed.

And guess what else I found out? According to wikipedia , "some Muslims believe that, if recited with love and devotion, the Burda can cure diseases and purify hearts". Pretty nice eh! Such powerful words..brillant.

If you have not yet heard this Nasheed (which most people probably's quite popular)'re missing a great deal!


Majaz said...

For you. :)

Written when paralyzed, the Qaseeda e Burdah Shareef is the work of Hazrat Imam Al Busairi RA. It has been known to have many transforming and healing powers, so say dervishes and many scholars.

Mehboob e yazdaan, mehboob e yazdaan.

The beloved of God.

Maula ya salli wassalim daiyiman abadann
A'ala habeebika khairin khalq i kullihi miin
muhammadun sayyidu al-kawnayni wa al-thaqalay
ni wa al-fariqayni min `urbin wa min`ajami.

Muhammad - highest being of the two worlds and of the two dense kinds (humans and jinn)
And of the two branches, arabs and non-arabs.

huwa al-habibu al-ladhi turja shafa`atuhu
li kulli hawlin min al-ahwali muqtahimi

He is the Beloved whose intercession is dearly hoped,
for each disaster of the disasters that shall befall!

Rasul ullah Habibullah Imam al Mursuleen

The Prophet of God, the Beloved of God and the Leader of all Prophets.

faqa al-nabiyyina fi khalqin wa fi khuluqin
wa la yudanuhu fi `ilmin wa la karami

He surpasses all Prophets in form and character.
None of them approaches his knowledge or generosity.

Uzita filahi lam tuhzam wa lam tahimin
hata ghadat umattal islami fil nujumeen

ka al-zahri fi tarafin wa al-badri fi sharafin
wa al-bahri fi karamin wa al-dahri fi himami

A form like soft lilies and the full moon in splendor,
A character like the ocean in generosity and Time in endeavors

ka'annuhu wa huwa fardun fi jalalatihi
fi `askarin hina talqahu wa fi jashami

Seeming, due to his majesty, even when you met him alone,
To head an army or a large company

saraita min haram'in lail'an ila harami'n
kama saral badru daajin min az zulumiin

You travelled by night from one sacred place to another
As the full moon travels through intense darkness

wa bit'ta tarqa ila a na'lta manzilatan

min qaabi qausaiin e lam tudrak walam turamiin

And you continued ascending until you attained a position
At the distance of two cubits length, as has never been attained nor sought.

Hufsa said...

SubhanAllah, SubhanAllah, SubhanAllah!