Sunday, February 15, 2009

..Oh dear Life

..why make life so complicated?
It's only ours for a little while .. so make the most of it and smile!
Seriously people. Think about it.
I know we all have our bad days and good days, but you never know when this life can be snatched away from you! I know that we all somehow do land ourselves in situations which we can't control the result of. I know that things happen which we don't want. I know that we regret a lot of things we've done. But take a moment and think. Can you say for 100% that you're going to be alive in the next 15, 10 or even 2 minutes? No. You can't. I'm not saying to never feel sad and always walk around with a smile on your face! But just know that life isn't as bad as we think it is.
Think about GOD. Think about all the people God has placed in our lives to comfort us, to be there for us. Those people are there by God so that we can have support in our lives. So that suddenly this complicated mess isn't such a pain anymore. Use those people - and don't worry they'll use you when they are in need to. That's what friends are for! You help each other in good times and the bads.
And you know what's really great about friends? You can say all the random nonsense you want to them about you and your life without worrying about anything. And if you hesitate speaking to them then ya'll are not friends at all! We make friends so we aren't lonely. Our friends are like our diaries.. expect they can speak back to us with wise advice. They have the power to make us laugh, smile, cry, and get angry. They have the power to comfort us, to advice us, to protect us, to hug us and to care for us.
We are also blessed with our one-in-a-gazillion-parents, our siblings and the rest of our family too. All are there by God to lessen our burden.
And then most importantly there is GOD himself. We can turn to confide in God no matter what. Good, bad, happy, sad, whatever it is, God will not, and does not let us down.
But with all those things, you have to believe. Without faith and belief you go no where. So trust the people you are blessed with and enjoy your life please. It's precious, and so are you.
**This is for someone in particular - I really don't know what to say to you exactly.. but please, just smile. I don't think any less of you and never will. You're truely special and please don't worry about anything. This post is dedicated to you.**


Hibbed said...

nice! well speaking of god therte is a life after death! just so u know.. haha but nicely done! AWESOME! works! I actually sent it to a friend

Hufsa said...

Ohh really? haha YAY! Thank you! :D

and Thank-you-captain-obvious abt the life after death! :P

Anonymous said...

Well said.

Hufsa said...

Thank you :)

haj said...

sadly, people now forget the value and importance of a smile.
anyhow tanx for the reminder huffy!

Majaz said...

:) good post!

Hufsa said...

Haj.. haha anytime.. and thank you :)

Majaz... it's an honour to have this even read by you.. Thank you :)