Tuesday, January 26, 2010



There comes a time or day which just shows you the reality of things, a new realization if you will.

The moment I walked out my door this morning, I had a strange feeling = there was fog everything. It made me think, "something bad is going to happen"

Instead, I thought of a lot of things.
I want to be closer to Allah, to this religion and be a good person.

Life is God's Gift and sometimes we need a reminder to re think what we want with our lives and how we're going to live it.

I think I got that reminder thanks to Allah.

Who ever reads this, please remember me in your prayers.

And All the best with everything.


Lisa said...

Hello, I was just Blog-Hopping and ran across your blog. Very Nice!

Be Well...

Americanising Desi said...

you are blessed and wished well for :)

Hufsa said...

Thank you, both of you :)

Hufsa said...

Thank you, both of you :)