Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wake-up Call

With only 19 more days until school starts, frankly, I'm freaking out.
It seems like everything is happening so fast and time just isn't on my side.

I woke up this morning with a big envelope next to my pillow -- my Grade 12 time-table. I avoided even looking at it for half an hour and then finally got the guts to open it (reading all the other sheets first and left the schedule for the end). Call it paranoia or simply freaking out, but I was scared and my stomach wasn't to happy with it either.

Summer is ending and I feel like I did nothing (which is quite true). But with this little mail delivery as my wake up call, I want to get my life back in order. I need to make these last nineteen days really worth-while SO HELP ME GOD!

The moment I got that schedule, I NEEDED to call one of friends. And that also gave me a really good realization that no matter what I go through, I know that as long as my friends are with me, I'll make it through. The journey ahead is hard, confusing and pretty damn scary! And it's coming at us pretty fast whether we like it or not. So I'm just going to keep my friends close and hit the road, because that is the only way anything can be achieved.

It's time to set priorities, to set goals and to set life back in place. It's time to take on what's coming without having the slightest idea of what it is. It's time to make this time really count.



lil Hijabi said...
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lil Hijabi said...
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WhiteOrchid said...

we all know how it feels. I just got my timetable for year 3 of my degree and im quite nervous as well!

Ramadan Kareem! :)

Hufsa said...

Oh wow.. All the very best to you! :)

Ramadan Mubarak!